Goldsun witnessed a major turning point when it signed a deal with leaders like Maruthi and TVS for
component production, and henceforth, this versatility in delivering standard and innovation took the
company to a different level of success.

Goldsun was the first Indian company to manufacture Nudge guards for the local market, which employs
international technology in manufacturing this component. Goldsun was the first company to start its
ABS Nudge guard production unit in India to produce various automobile accessories for various car
segments. The blow moulding technology ensures dimensional accuracy, high volume production, high
surface finish and repeatability factors.

The Goldsun is proactively engaged in providing a wide array of automobile products, custom-designed
for small cars and luxury cars like Endeavour, Innova, Scorpio, Safari, Xylo, Sumo Grande, Sumo Victa, ,
i10, Eco, Tavera, Santro, Omni, etc.



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